We are closed for the year, but look forward to providing you with delicious, healthy, organic produce in 2012!

We are a family-owned farm located in Fifty Lakes just down the road from Crosslake (east of 66, 2 1/2 miles, on highway 1). We are in the transition phase of becoming certified organic by summer of 2012. We have been growing our produce from seed to harvest according to organic guidelines since spring 2010 and use OMRI listed products only when necessary. We control weeds and pests with crop rotation, soil amendments, and companion planting which helps not only build, but also maintain, healthy soil that’s full of nutrients. Why should you choose Locally Grown to purchase your produce from? Go to “Q’s and A’s” and “Why should I support Locally Grown” to find out.

Click on “The Market” to see what’s currently available, and if you’re interested in purchasing any of our products, just look for “How do I become a member” under the “Q’s and A’s” area above.

Thanks for stopping by…have a wonderful day!

Mike and Paula Berndt